Zero Waste Cooking & Sustainability


Our online course combines practical cooking demonstrations on how to cook without waste with investigations into the stages and resources involved in getting food from the paddock to our plates. You’ll be invited to cook along with our experienced cook.

This course is a Centrelink approved activity. People with a disability are encouraged to apply.


What you will gain

  • Knowledge on how to get the most out of your ingredients
  • Practical tips on how to reduce household waste
  • Experience in sustainability and affordable food shopping
  • Knowledge in the food supply chain, mapping and food waste
  • Knowledge of the Global food trade and Australia’s food industries

Course delivery

In the comfort of your own kitchen 

Course details 

7 sessions x 4 hours per session 


There are no prerequisites for this course

Fees and Charges

Do I have to pay?
There is no cost to you if you are eligible for Adult Community & Further Education (ACFE) funding. For more information on eligibility please go to Adult Community Further Education ACFE
If you are not eligible for Adult Community & Further Education (ACFE) funding fees will apply.
We encourage you to discuss your personal circumstances with our enrolment officer
This training is delivered with Victorian government funding.

For help or more information

or call our Enrolment Officer on 0498 594 731


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